Unison world record is headquartered in Finland, a European Union country with a long history. It is an authoritative professional organization to collect and certify world records. Over the years, we have followed the principles of inclusiveness, fairness, notarization and openness to provide world record assessment and certification for outstanding individuals, enterprises and organizations around the world.

    Every year, through on-site and remote certification, we carry out certification work for outstanding enterprises and individuals all over the world, so that more people can experience the fun of creating a world record. We have brand communication ambassadors all over the world. You can feel free to communicate with our brand communication ambassadors and partners to apply for records. All applications will be strictly reviewed by our EU certification officers.

    We hope to help people explore their potential, challenge themselves and create their own historical moments by identifying the world's best in all fields. Unison focuses on promoting and accelerating the development of world record culture communication. We respect different cultures and development around the world, and make our record challengers more famous and influential through inclusive and rigorous certification.

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